Saturday, 10 June 2017


We're back at Lucky Cuisine & their lunch sets are so mouth-watering! At only RM11.90, you can select from more than 10 varieties of authentic Sze Chuan meals!

Remember my previous post on the delicious steamboat? Well, get ready for some delicious rice dishes!

(Dam, the menu looks so good to eat!)

Let's start off with my favorite, 

Chong Qing Watery Chicken!

This is one of my favorite dishes here. It's actually served cold (but of course, the chicken is cooked), & it has the perfect balance of sesame oil, fried onions, spiciness, & of course, topped with roasted sesame seed on top! So appetizing, & so yummy!!

Second, let's have a look my next favorite,  Spicy Diced Chicken!

Popcorn chicken to the extreme! Stir-fried with dried chili & aromatic spice, this finger-licking dish will bring your taste buds on fire!

Any tofu-lovers? Try out this Mapo Bean Curd! 

Spicy & tingly, this tofu dish is perfect over a nice bowl of white rice. Imagine a spoonful of delicious minced meat with tofu cubes melting in your mouth, bursting with spicy flavors. Yum~

Of course, there is always a beef dish for those beef-lovers!

Simple yet tasty, sliced beef with mix vegetables is perfect if you want some comfort food, because trust me, this dish feels like a delicious home-cooked meal!

Let's not forget about porky, with a delicious side of spare ribs!

Another finger food which is also quite simple, but hey, close your eyes & eat this slowly. The flavors will come bursting out like you've never tasted pork in your whole life! (Nah, I'm exaggerating, but I'm serious! This is delicious!)

Next up, Diced Chicken with Cashews!

Well honestly, this isn't really my favorite because I prefer foods with a stronger taste. But this dish is quite tasty because of the cashew nuts that enhances this chicken taste, & also peppers that will make it slightly spicy.

Hmm....which to choose?

How about Yuan Bao Meatball rice?

I was kind of surprised when I tried this. It was soft and mushy, so I got confused on what it actually was. But the sauce was so yummy, I wanted to add a second bowl of rice! It's a home-made meatball, where its pre-cooked, then topped off with the sauce. MUST TRY THIS!!

Well, lastly, some fried rice for those indecisive people (like me) who has no idea what to eat, & decide to go with the safest choice on the menu!

Luncheon meat & eggs are the perfect pairing for a plate of fragrant fried rice!

Alright, that's all folks! Let me know in the comments if you've tried this before!

Please check out my other post (click here) for their steamboat selections! 

Until next time <3

Restaurant: Lucky Sichuan Restaurant
Address: JAlan PJU 5/12, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone Number: +60 3-6140 7755
Facebook: 吉祥川菜馆- Lucky Sinchuan Restaurant

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