Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Let's NESCAFE Tarik Anywhere & Everywhere!

My friends from New York would always ask what type of authentic drinks are there in Malaysia, and the first thing that would come to my mind is a nice cup of creamy Nescafe. It's probably the only thing that I would never get sick of drinking every day!

You can go anywhere, on any street, any corner, and you'd definitely find a shop that sells this beauty! But, was there a time where you wanted to drink Nescafe but not a mamak stall or kopitiam around? All you see is a convenience shop that sells sugar drinks and those energy bombs that are good for
nothing. And at the same time, your coffee addiction kicks in & nothing seems to satisfy that craving.

Well, Nescafe will solve that problem! With their newly launched Nescafe Tarik, you can enjoy the smooth, creamy, delicious treat that can be purchased at any convenience shop, petrol station, or local grocery shop!

To kick off this awesome product. Nescafe has a mini event called Tarik Mana Mana to show all coffee addicts that

Nescafe Tarik now gives Malaysians the Tarik taste and experience anywhere & everywhere! 

Wondering what this event was all about? Keep reading to find out more!

The team flagged off at Central Market, KL, where we all initially gathered to have a welcoming speech & some instructions on how to play (yes, it was a competition!)

Actually, the competition was very simple, similar to amazing race. We were all give a cue card, then had to figure out the next station. Once reached the next station, we need to complete a task in order to get the next cue card for the next location.

Overall, the objective was simple. We want everyone to know that Nescafe Tarik can be found anywhere & everywhere! 

For example, find a stranger & share the goodness!!

Share with your friends & spread the awesomeness! 

Of course, all the participants and bundles of joy, as they explored the busy streets of KL and enjoyed a tin of creamy and smooth Nescafe Tarik!

To wrap up, we gathered to announce the winners and have a short bonding session with our team.

Thanks to Nescafe, we can all enjoy a nice frothy cup of rich, creamy Nescafe Tarik anywhere. Your cravings are finally satisfied with the taste of aromatic coffee, blended with condensed milk for a touch of sweetness and finally pulled just the way you love!

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