Friday, 19 August 2016

Malaysia @ Rio 2016 Olympics

I would very much appreciate if people show some support & at least appreciation for all the teams that made it to the Olympics. It wasn't easy to qualify, and definitely not east to be part of the finals. 

It was never a "disappointment" for anyone if whoever gets Silver. 

All the athletes has trained & done their very best. In fact, I feel honored that Malaysia is able to raise it's flag, and have the country's representatives, in any sport, stand on the podium, holding a medal. We may not be as strong as China, or Indonesia, or France, or whichever country that scored dozens of medals in the past, but we stand strong & united, to support & fight for what we believe in, & fight for the same goal. 

No one ever thought that anyone would make it THAT far. As Goh Liu Ying 吴柳萤 said, "An Olympic medal, to me, was a distant dream. To be able to stand on the Olympic podium was a fantasy." 

Continue to fight for your dreams, because hard work pays off. The color of your medal doesn't determine your strength or weakness. Your willpower & commitment is what will constantly strive you to give your best effort, and that, is what makes a true winner. 

on a side note, I'm patiently waiting for tonight's match - Men's Singles Finals - Malaysia vs China 

Dato Lee Chong Wei FTW!!!

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