Saturday, 16 July 2016

Traditional Balinese Yoga @ Mandara Spa

Happy 20th Annivery to Mandara Spa @ Sunway Resort! & to celebrate, they invited Guru Made Sumantra from Ubud, Bali, for a traditional Balinese yoga session

A week ago, I was honored to join this eye-opening experience, and it felt so relaxing & energetic!

The treatment is called "Prakat" healing, where three types of energy are used in each state:

- Prana (Bio Energy) on Body
- Kundalini (Awareness Energy) on Mind
- Atman (Soul Power Energy) on Soul

With this, the positive vibration will be raised from the soul into the mind and body.

It was my first time doing Yoga, so it was quite difficult for me to concentrate and focus. But Sumantra was very friendly, and guided me on how to breathe.

We had several breathing exercises, as well as stretches too. With this, we were fully able to transfer and control all of the energy that flowed in our bodies.

Balinese yoga focuses more on breathing, so we really had to relax and concentrate. And just by breathing alone, the energy really flowed from within.

So, who's Guru Made Sumantra?

Well, he was born in the village of Banjar Payogan, Ubud, and grew up in a family of traditional Balinese shaman healers.

He has been conducting yoga sessions for many many years, and sharing the wonderful yoga experience to all 

Special thanks to Mandara Spa, we were able to meet Guru, and share some time with him. 

You can check Mandara Spa here:

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