Monday, 20 June 2016

Tag La! Clumsy's best friend

Well, my name is ClumsyK for a reason. I lose things. I misplace things. My things hate me! 

& so often, the locksmith owner remembers me because
I'm there too often to reproduce my keys

My journey to wasting money on keys and everything came to an end when I received this amazing product in the mail.

Introducing Tag La, a bluetooth device that can be placed ANYWHERE, from your keys to your purse, your valuables, or even hang it on your child! (haha! but i'm serious, it works)

It's so simple to use! & everything works through one simple app, called TROIKA Find.

With this app, you can start your journey with no more missing keys & items!!

So how does this genius work? 

Once you enter the app, you will see something like this:

"Connected" means that my TagLa is already connected & good to go. If there are any scenarios where it says "disconnected," you simply just reconnect. 

So here's a simple video of how it works:

As you can see, with just a click of a button on the app, TagLa will beep until you press stop. The volume if the beep can be adjusted, and it's loud enough to be heard from afar.

The connection works within a 75ft range, so if your TagLa doesn't beep, it's not anywhere around.

But, what happens if you loose your phone? No worries!! TagLa can help you find your phone too!

IT works both ways, so no worries on loosing your valuables! 

Another added feature to this genius is the bluetooth photo remote.

Now, what else does this genius offer? One more hidden feature is the Location, where you can drop a pin and find your location later!

This little device can do so much more than you could ever imagine! 

 With TagLa, I am worry-free & my valuables no longer have to fear to abandonment! I also dropped one in my make-up case, because, yes, i loose that too.

I really love this device because it saves me so much time from finding things, especially when I'm rushing to work or to go out.

At only RM59.90 each, never worry about loosing your items again!

Available in: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Sky Blue, Lime Green

You can find TagLa here at their website:

Use "tagkathykok" for 10% off!! 

Or their Facebook:

Take La, Tag La, No Worry La!

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