Sunday, 10 April 2016

Rohto - Cooling Eyedrops

Hi guys! 

Ever wonder how I'm able to work long hours during the week, then continue to work in events during the weekend, and STILL manage to have time for events?

People always ask me if I get tired. Of course i do! 

But I'm doing what I love so it's worth it!

Here's a secret that I will share to all my fans today, a product that has helped me freshen up my tired eyes.

I'm pretty sure not many people has seen this product in the market yet. It's a cute, raindrop-looking shape, and YES! This is one of Japan's best-selling products!

Rohto features 3 of their products, which is AQUA, COOL, and DRY AID. Other countries offer other varieties, but here in Malaysia, since the temperature is always so hot & humid, this is all that we need!

I'm not going to tell you much of the product information (which I normally do) because I feel like you guys need to know my experience with this product!

It says to put the eye drops at least twice a day. Well, I usually put in the morning so it can freshen up and wake up my tired eyes before I go to work.

It has become a daily routine for me because it feels very awesome. (By the way, I am currently using Rohto Cool)

Each droplet gives a cooling sensation. At first it felt weird because it was my first time using cooling eye drops, but eventually I got used to it.

Why would I recommend this product?

Well, I am aware that some people would depend on eye drops because they need something to relieve their eyes.

& then you're always wondering, which one to choose? There are SO MANY products in the market, that come in all shapes & sizes, and in different prices too.

For Rohto, it's simple. It comes in a clear bottle, so you can actually see that the eye drop liquid inside. It gives confident to all its users because you will know that it's very clean & hygenic.

& now, this product has been part of my daily routine :)

Give it a try! This product is available in Watsons :)


  1. Rohto Eye Drops has three types, which are AQUA, COOL, & DRY AID!!

  2. Rohto Eye Drops have three types, which are AQUA, COOL and DRY AID.