Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Totalife: Detox your way to a healthy lifestyle!

So you all know that a healthy lifestyle is something that EVERY-ONE needs, but how to achieve so?

One simply word - TOTALIFE!

So before I begin with "how" let me provide a mini health lesson to tell you WHY we need to detox.

Basically our body is FILLED with toxins. & exactly where do they come from?

1. UV lights
2. Exhaust gas
3. Smoke
4. Polluted water
5. Pesticide residues in fruits, vegetables
6. Foods with additives

We need to release those toxins from our body. & since we can't prevent them from entering, we should still know how to let it out!

So what is your understanding of a simple ways to detox your body? Many people would say the following:

1. Sleep more
2. Drink more water
3. Exercise
4. Eat more fruits & vegetables

If you do all of the above, does it mean that your body is completely free of toxins?


And that is why we have, TOTALIFE!

TOTALIFE has 4 simple products, with belief that detox begins with the gut. 

First off, is Total Drink. which provides anti-oxidation.

- No preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring
- Rich in antioxidants: Vitamin C, Vitamins B Complex & Vitamin E
- Rich in dietary fiber
- Low in calorie with only 48 kcal per sachet
- Delicious & refreshing 

It will ALSO strengthen your memory, purify toxins, clean blood vessels, and detoxify your liver! 

Excited yet? Here is the second product, which is Total Biozyme that aid digestion, with digestive enzymes resistant to heat, acid, and choline.

Total Biozyme uses US top enzymes, such as fat enzymes, protein digestive enzymes, and carbohydrate enzymes, basically any enzymes to break that all of the yummy food that you eat!

With this, it is heat-resistant, acid-resistant, and choline-resistant. It will decompose fat, cholesterol, enhance fat metabolism, and prevent accumulation of fat. 

Do you love to eat pasta? How about rice? And any meat-lovers out there?

Love what you eat & eat what you love, because fear no more, TOTAL BIOZYME is here to save your tummy!

& now to introduce the next, which is called Total Green Fiber.

 Total Green Fiber provides citrate which will energy metabolism. Why? Because it has 54 fruits and vegetable extracts, anti oxidants, green tea, barley grass, and blue-green algae!!

And with this, it will :
- Promote energy metabolism
- Relieve constipation
- Promote detoxification
- Enhance immunity & delay aging
- Purify toxins, enhance natural healing power.

Now isn't that just awesome? Of course, the final product will complete the whole set.

& finally the last one, Total Biokind, is a cultured beverage mixed yogurt with corn fiber powder, which is rich in nutrient source for probiotics to protect the intestinal wall. 

It aids to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, and enhances the body's immune system.

Still excited right? Well, I do have some freebies to giveaway, but first come first serve!

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Thanks for reading & stay tuned!

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