Tuesday, 21 April 2015

OpenSnap - Experiencing Food in a Whole New Level

Hello fans! It's been a while since I've been on track with exploring new foods around town. 

Ever since I started working, I realized that lunch was a very difficult decision to make. My colleagues & I were always wondering what and where to eat!
Now, no worries! You can find locals food & eateries right at your finger tips! With this new app, you can see the restaurant before you actually go there!

Firstly, you select your area, and as you can see, all the categories are listed for you to choose.

For example, if you choose Cafe, a list of selections will appear.

Haha! You guys see the photo I uploaded? Yep, that's mine!

With OpenSnap, You can share photos of your favorite foods!

You can select different filters to make your photos look WOW! I love this feature because it really enhances the effects of my photos, especially since I'm not a professional in snapping photos of food.

You can also include these cute stickers!

Do you like my final production? (hehe ^_^ )

You can also bookmark your favorite photos & store them in your album for quick & easy access!

Similar to other photo apps, you can like the photo & give props to the owner.

My first experience with this app was very exciting, because I was able to explore my creativity whilst reminiscing the flavors of yummy foods I tried at Antipodean!

AND NOW.........

Introducing the delicious & adventurous flavors of Italy, located at one of the largest malls in the world......

Expect the unexpected at Antipodean Cafe, in Mid Valley Megamall~~

Here is the original photo before I uploaded it to OpenSnap. Simple, yet beautiful :)

And for starters, this light & healthy portion, known as the Buffalo Mozzarella (RM 24), thinly sliced tomatoes are paired with fresh mozzarella cheese, a spritz of olive oil, & topped with herbs. 

Looking at this dish makes me so happy! (i love tomatoes!!)

Then it was a fancy Egg Marlboro with Smoked Salmon (RM 24), perfect for breakfast, lunch, or anytime during the day! A slice of wholemeal toast topped with smoked salmon & two beautifully poached eggs!

The Benedict sauce brings a light butter texture to enhance the flavors of the smoked salmon, which came to my surprise because I wasn't expecting such exciting flavors!

Who says we can't eat two sets of breakfasts in one day?!

Here is another healthy selection of eggs, asparagus, & wheat toast (RM 20)! This delicious set may probably be the best kick-starter for the day, or even a light dinner to wind-down & relax for the night!

An Italian dinner is never complete without pasta! This carb-loaded pasta comes with pumpkin, feta cheese, & sage (RM 18) to fill up & satisfy your tummy!

And of course, the meats! A fragrant & generous portion of grilled chicken on top of grilled tomatoes & french beans (RM 20) drizzled with balsamic vinegar! It's definitely as good as it looks!

& Finally, my favorite dish of the day~~~~ Avocado Bacon (RM 18) 

Yes, another dish that is perfect for anytime of the day! The avocado was creamy & matched perfectly with the wholegrain toast, while the bacon was fried perfectly crispy. Yummy~~ 

BUT WAIT! There's dessert too! This sweet Banana Bread with Cream Cheese & Honey (Rm 12) is PERFECT for those with a sweet tooth. The cake was already delicious, but even BETTER when dipped in the honey! 

And of course, possibly a local Malaysian favorite...the Bali Date Cake (RM 8) with butterscotch sauce which will tinggle your taste buds with every bite!

Hungry yet! Why wait?! Go to Antipodean Cafe NOW & don't forget to upload your photos on OpenSnap!

See you guys soon!

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