Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Working in events is never easy but I never complain :) Because I LOVE MY JOB! But my parents keep complaining because I'm putting on more pounds than I'm supposed to. Mom is always wondering, is it because of the food I eat? Or because I don't eat on time?

Well, I always tell her that I eat on time because I don't want her to worry (So don't spill me beans!) But in fact, I tend to skip lunch because I'm always on the go, and I don't have much time to stop, sit down, & eat.

So when I found out that 7-11 had this thing called "Fresh To Go" I was like hmmm, should I try?

To my surprise, (trust me, I was REALLY surprised!!), the food tasted soooo good! 

All the foods are conveniently packed into small grab-n-go boxes, so it's super easy to carry & can even be eaten while driving! (Which I really love because I always eat and drive)

These are the wonderful selections available!! But selection may vary depending on outlet.

And with these tasty meals, I no longer suffer from gastric because they are so convenient, so tasty, and so fresh!

For more information, check out the 7-11 website here 

Now go to your nearest 7-11 and 

pick up a Fresh To Go NOW!!!

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