Thursday, 5 May 2016

EasyStore - Do Business Easily

Hi guys! So many of my close friends & family already know that I’m planning to start a mini business and it will launch very very soon!! Don’t worry, I won’t leave my blog after this~

Initially I thought of keeping it simple & start with a Facebook platform to keep all my product images & information, while adding and sharing to customers, all through Facebook. Then I was thinking, what if I could offer an online platform for my customers and make my business more professional? So I went online & searched for an easy to use, simple, and user-friendly platform for myself to use, and for my customers to easily find my products.

And from there, I discovered EasyStore. It’s as easy as it sounds! My post here will share with you on how to use this simple website & explain how I can foresee it to help my business grow.

Upon registration, there is a guideline on how to set up the own online store with 7 simple steps:

Here’s what I had to do:
1.       Create online store (with my business name of course!)
2.       Take a look at the store & see what to add, such as the type of products being sold, the mission, images, and content!
3.       Add products into the store, and include images, description, price, and so forth.
4.       Customize the look of the store, with my own background, font, colors, etc
5.       Accept payment methods, such as bank transfer, paypal, or MOL pay
6.       Setup shipping zones & fees with the locations, including shipping & handling fees
7.       Share with my friends in social media!! (Just like how I am doing here)

Simple and Easy right? Are you excited yet? There’s more to come!

The admin panel comes with a “Dashboard” where I am able see my total number of products, total customers, and also a chart for me to visitors and page views. This way, I will be able to monitor and track the performance of my online store.

There is also a “Menu” feature where my customers can easily navigate around my store and search my products in different categories.

How about customer tracking? EasyStore has that too! I can include my customer’s personal details, add a photo, and easily keep track of their information.

And if there are any special occasions where I like to reward my customers, EasyStore included a “Sale Promo” & “Discount-Code Coupon” where my customers can receive special discounts and offers!

Previously, I have used other online platforms while selling preloved items (I shall not disclose them). I find the others also very user friendly, but it doesn’t seem as professional as EasyStore. With EasyStore, everything is right there and I can easily monitor and track my online store simply by selecting in the admin panel. I am very blessed to be able to find EasyStore because I am able to grow my business more professionally and have customers easily find my products.

EasyStore is definitely a better solution for everyone who would like to sell their items and/or start a business. Since many of you might not know how to start a business, or where to go to find information about it, why not give EasyStore a try? It is definitely a one-stop solution and will solve all your confusion on how to monitor and track your business.

Now, enough of all the information. Interested? Sign up here & get started now!! 

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I hope you all enjoyed reading my post as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Have a nice day!

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