Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Use FeedMyGuest to Feed Guests!

Ever stumble upon a dilemma where, you wanna have a party but you don't know where to find food? It may sound ridiculous, but it's true! 

I believe somewhere in your life where you've always to invite your friends over to chill and enjoy some nice music & company, but one of the headaches is finding a caterer to suit your occasion and needs.

Well, for me, I usually keep tons of name cards while I go to events, in hopes that it would come to use in the future. But this is never the solution, because then I would like to Google each and every one, hoping that it's a menu I'd like.

Then while I was searching, I came across a website called "FeedMyGuest" & WAH-LAH! 

The perfect & headache-free solution!

So how does it work? You can start planning your party in 3 easy steps!

Once entering the website, there is a filtering option, where you can choose the type of food, cuisine, and even the event!

&& There i another filter where you can choose the number of pax, your budget, & whether if you prefer halal or not!

With this, they will select all those recommended caterers according to your needs!

Or, if you prefer to just browse, you can do that too~~

 After that, the choices will be popping up & you can see ALL of the selections!

So I chose Food Truck, because I was looking to fill up my bazaar with on-the-go food. & This came up as a recommended choice:

As you can see, the menu states the food items available, such as burger, pasta, or sides. When you click the "Select" button, you can see the exact menu with its prices.

Because this is a Food Truck, it also offers restaurant catering, with the minimum spending. So if this is what you're looking for, you can "Place Order" & then the order form will appear.

After that, you're done!!! Congrats on using FeedMyGuest to feed your guests!


What if you have NO IDEA what to order or what you're looking for??

These professionals will help you filter the caterers according to your needs. Just fill in the form & they will do the job for you!!

You can find their website here or their Facebook (Feed My Guest) here

Excited? I know you are! So if you're planning to have a party, don't forget to invite me!!

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