Friday, 30 June 2017

Get in shape with Jonlivia!

You know those times when you splurge on food & forget that you have a date coming soon? Well, it happens all the time to me & I'm not afraid to admit!

I love food (I mean, who doesn't?) & my muffin top occasionally likes to pop out & say hello. But it loves me so much that it's always bulging between my clothes!

That's when Jonlivia came to the rescue & saved me from the embarrassment of having my spare tires bouncing around. (But hey, I love my fat, just not when I'm out with a handsome guy)

Ever hear of the slimming shaper? Yes, you got that right! It doesn't help slim but ALSO helps shape those curves!

With net-yarn fabric & wide shoulder straps, this garment is breathable & absolutely comfortable!

Have a look at the beautiful lace detail, which looks fancy underneath any dress or shirt!

So imagine you're trying to impress your date with this fancy dress, then you realize something's not in the right place. Well, Jonlivia's Slimming Shaper is here to save you!

Have a look at the difference:

At first, I felt a bit embarrassed to show this but I really appreciate how Jonlivia has changed my appearance! (Apologies for the difference in lighting)

You can obviously see that my bulge is gone! Hooray!

I'm super excited to wear this every day so I can keep fit fit & pretty pretty!!

Jonlivia not only provides a slim figure, it also helps to improve your confidence & by giving you a sexy & curvy appearance!

It was very comfortable, even if you wear it for long hours. (Imagine having a long movie date? No worries!)

Available in 2 colors, Black & Nude, 

you can match with any outfit you desire!

Sizes are available for everyone!

For more information, click here to check their website!

JONLIVIA, the No. 1 Active Lifestyle Wear in Malaysia!

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