Tuesday, 27 September 2016

8 Reasons why you SHOULDN'T get an Honor 8!! I'm serious, it's horrible!!

Well, I'm practically technically challenged & the main purpose of my phone is to give my parents a call & let them know the time I'll be home for dinner. My first actual smart phone was a second-hand old-school Iphone Gen2. And trust me, I even felt smart than that (haha just kidding) I wasn't really tech-savvy from the start, since it wasn't in my budget to splurge myself with a fancy phone, or even to think that I needed such a device as part of my daily life.

Then I came to realize that, hey, EVERYONE is catching Pokemon & the only app I have on my phone is Instagram & Facebook. Dam, I really need an upgrade. As I got active in blogging, I found that I really couldn't live without a camera, but what it be even better if my phone had a good camera? That's like, killing 10 birds with one stone!

& ta-dah! I dedicate my first blog post on technology,
to this awesome Honor 8 that will BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT!

Nah, I'm kidding. It's not THAT awesome, or is it? Well, continue reading to find out!

As corny as this sounds, here are 8 reasons on why you SHOULDN'T get an Honor 8!! 
1. THE COLOR! Yes, I said it. You all may agree, especially in that argument with your other half that turquoise and aqua are in fact NOT the same colors, that sapphire blue is probably one of the most rarest colors that ever existed on man-kind. 

Other phones come in a beautiful rose-pink, or a lovely romantic red that all the girlfriends would LOVE, and classic black & white that suits EVERYONE,
 but HEY! Honor 8 comes in this weird sapphire blue that isn't your ordinary color! 
(on a side note, did you know that the sapphire stone is believed to bring inner beauty?) 
I'm not saying that it's made of stone, just that the color is just not appealing!

I mean, you don't need a phone to look handsome or sexy, right?
2. THE CAMERA! I've always been on the look out for a good camera phone, at a price that I can afford. And trust me, it ain't easy finding one around my budget. I've been looking up and down & DAM, phones are expensive! & then..........there's something called Honor 8, which claims itself to be as professional as a camera.

So I just checked a tech website, it this is how they described Honor 8's camera:

" Honor 8's dual 12MP lenses captures more light to produce stunning colored pictures with crispier details"

Wait, what? 

Is it just me, or, things are getting a bit complicated around here? I'm looking for a phone, not a professional camera, so it looks like I might have found the wrong gadget.

Honor 8 has it's own aperture setting & shutter speeds, & you can go all professional with just one smart-phone. But, who would want a smart phone to do all that when you have professional cameras that will cost you an arm and a leg?

& here are the results of Honor 8's camera. Nah, you don't need this phone. Go get yourself a professional camera; it's almost the same anyways.


The front camera comes in a measly 8MP that takes selfies under low-light, with a Perfect Selfie Mode. Who takes selfies nowadays? I thought we were over that period?

I mean, look at the difference! & you thought that Honor 8 was the perfect phone for selfies...


3. THE BATTERY! I'm so used to charging my phone day & night & even at work, because my crappy old phone runs out of battery every 4 hours. I guess I have to change my daily routine with Honor 8, since it comes with a 3000mAh which lasts up 1.77 days for normal usage, and 1.22 days with heavy usage. That's probably way better than my old phone, but I love charging my phone all the time! I even bought a small pouch for the charger!

Honor 8 will definitely break off the long-term relationship with my charger, & I don't think i'm ready for that commitment yet..

& there's this fast-charging function that really freaks me out. What kind of phone gives you a 47% power boost in just 30-minutes? You have got to be kidding me! & there is no way on Earth where I can get a 2-hour phone call out of a 10-minute charge! No way...
4. THE FINGER! Time to give everyone that finger when you pull out your Honor 8 to unlock the phone! What a good excuse to piss off your colleague when you're actually trying to check your time! With less than 5 seconds, Honor 8 will unlock & it doubles as a button, where you can customize it to do anything.

Now I can't set the password as my boyfriend's birthday to show him how much I love him. Too bad boyfriend, better luck next time
5. THE GLASS! Almost all phones are made of metal, but Honor 8 has a glass front & back, with metal on the sides. It's definitely not your ordinary phone next door! It feels solid, yes, but definitely not a good choice for my cat.

My cat got so amazed with how fast my screen recovered after that time when she smashed her paws on them, just to catch that fish. With Honor 8 & it's 3-month LCD Crack Warranty, where you can get a front and/or rear panel replacement, valid for a one-time claim for the first 3 months upon purchase date! I'm not up for this. I HAVE TO be that one person with the cracked screen so that EVERYONE will ask me what happened.
6. THE VOICE! Each conversation is like a singing competition with my current phone, & I'm not kidding. I can see that the strangers are enjoying my shouting. You know that time when you're trying to be all sweet and lovey dovey with your SO, & then this plane decides FLY ACROSS your "I love you" & turns it into "I ROOOARRRRRR YOU" & then he goes, "what?"

*SIGH* nevermind....

Honor 8 comes with a noise-cancelling & volume amplification feature so you can actually whisper, & your SO can correctly hear those 3 words.

But hey, I'm pretty sure my boyfie's already used to the way we shout at each other, especially in between the sweet-but-not-so-sweet words, like we're arguing, but in fact we're just half-deaf because we can't hear each other on the phone.
7. THE DESIGN! Why would I need such a fancy phone anyways? I mean, look at this! My boyfriend had his four eyes staring at this phone, & completely ignored the fact that I spent 2 hours getting ready for the dinner date!

Yes, I'm jealous that Honor 8 is more sleek & sexy compared to myself. I can't help it! If anything, my boyfie can keep the phone. I'm officially calling it quits with him!
8. THE PRICE! Finally, the last last last FINAL reason on why you SHOULDN'T get Honor 8 other than from Lazada....

Well, I checked the price on this phone, & you can get it here!!


RM1699 - Honor 8 32B (Black) + FREE Honor Hybrid Earphone AM175 + Tempered Glass 
(Free gifts total worth RM326)

RM1699 - Honor 8 32B (White) + FREE Honor Hybrid Earphone AM175 + Tempered Glass 
(Free gifts total worth RM326)

RM1899 - Honor 8 32B (Blue) + FREE Honor Power Bank + FREE Honor Hybrid Earphone AM175 + Tempered Glass (Free gifts total worth RM575)

RM1899 - Honor 8 32B (Gold) + FREE Honor Power Bank + FREE Honor Hybrid Earphone AM175 + Tempered Glass (Free gifts total worth RM575)

Who would want all these free gifts when you could spend your own money & get it on your own?! Of course, we wouldn't want to spend our time to check out the deals on Lazada, right?

Well, the deals end on 30th Sept! You have THREE MORE DAYS to go!!


I hope you all enjoyed my post & understood the sarcasm behind it. Nevertheless, when considering to change your phone, always keep Honor 8 in mind, because it's one of the best smart phones in its price range :) 

I'm serious this time! Check it out on Lazada!

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