Sunday, 28 August 2016


Well, as I'm on my way to a healthier life & sexier bod, i've been searching high & low on items that could supplement my journey.

Alongside with meal replacements & a healthy diet, I felt that I could do so much more! So I joined the gym near my office. that way I no longer have an excuse to skip the exercise.

But, what if I could burn more fat with the same routine each day? That's when a light bulb hit my head & I thought of the most perfect item ever!

Jonlivia Hot Pants - Fat burning - Fast!

They look like normal fitness pants, but work like you're in a sauna. From the moment you wear them, to the moment you walk to the gym, you're already sweating!!

This is the true legit & legendary "sweatpants" that it's so easy to use! Wait, you don't use them, you just wear them! But what makes these pants so effective?

15% Polyester, 70% Neoprene, 15% Nylon

These three work together like the musketeers, targeting every inch of good stuff on your legs and thighs! But to my surprise, I can also feel the sweat rolling down my buns too!

Now, what can you do & where can you go with these pair of hotties? You can go ANYWHERE! I'm serious! Look at me here, enjoying a Zespri event, while burning fat at the same time!

It was already a sunny day & with Jonlivia hot pants, I definitely burned more sweat than expected!

& I wasn't even tired afterwards, so I decided to do some more exercise around the park.

You can see that the pants are very stretchy, so it's perfect for a simple run, or even a cardio class!

These pants are indeed the gym's favorite, because it works like no other! People always stress about their workouts not being effective enough. But have they sought for solutions?

With Jonlivia, you can see that the sides here has an airy material, which allows air circulation, so don't worry about your lefts suffocating!

Well, I'm just here to share my fitness journey, as I grow stronger & healthier, all thanks to durable products like Jonlivia.

& Did I mention that my weight is decreasing too? I'm going to save that for another post, because I'm going for a 3-month challenge. After I succeed, I will definitely share all the products that have made my dream come true.

Yes, Jonlivia is one of them. So you have to HAVE to try it!!

Raise your legs if you want to be sexy & lean! & let Jonlivia join you in your fitness journey as well~

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& do let me know your feedback on this as well!

Stay tuned!

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