Tuesday, 12 July 2016

ClosetStyles - Turn your closet into an online shop!

There are times when you open your closet, with piles of clothes pouring out, and shoes flying everywhere, and you still think to yourself, "I have nothing to wear"

Well, how long were your clothes lying inside there? When was the last time you wore that black cardigan? Or the pink dress that you bought only once?

Thanks to ClosetStyles, 

you can now create an online shop to sell all your preloved clothes!!

Its SUPER simple! All you have to do is download the app, upload your items with details, & ta-dah! Your preloved items are waiting to meet it's new owner!!

Look at all these categories!
- Star Closet (Items from stars, like Amber Chia, Soo Wincci)
- Accessories (Jewelry, etc)
- Heels (A woman's best friend)
- Clutches & Wallets (Small purses, wallets, etc)
- Dresses & Skirts ((Flaunt them sexy legs!)
- Bags (Casual, office, dinner, etc)
- Jackets & Blazers (Cardigans, Coats, etc)
- Muslimah Fashion (Long dresses, Baju Kurong, Jubah, etc)
- Shorts, Pants & Jumpsuits (Bottoms~)
- Shoes (Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!)
- Winter Wear (For the holidays!)
- Tops (Who would complain about too many clothes?)
- The Bride (Get ready for your big day!)
- Wedding Guests (Get ready for your friend's big day!)
- Bridal Accessories (Hey, it never hurts to put on more jewelry right?)

I was so excited when I saw ALL of these beautiful items, and you know what the best thing is? They're not expensive!

hehe :)

If you have your own items to sell, you can always sell them in ClosetStyles. Otherwise, you can just explore and shop from others!

How to start listing? After you download the app, you have your own "admin" tab.

Select "MY CLOSET" & it will direct you to where you can add your items! As you can see, you include photos, and the details there, then you upload!

Wonder why the "Listing Price" is RM50, but the "Earnings" is RM45? Well, ClosetStyles will charge a 10% if your item gets sold! 

It is mentioned in the T&C, so please read before you list anything!

After your item is listed, it will look like this:

Then, share it to your friends!!!

Congrats on listing your first item, & with many more to go!!

If you see anything that you're interested in, use this special code <kayleex3> for an instant RM5 discount on your first purchase!!


ClosetStyles is having a Celebs & Bloggers Bazaar this weekend! 

Meet Amber Chia, Carmen Soo, and famous bloggers such as BangsarBabe, CarmenTan. You can also shop closest belonging to Jesseca Liu, Debbie Goh, Soo Wincci, Megan Tan, and many many more at the bazaar!!


There are activities such as "Plus Size Exchange" & also a DIY Upcycle Workshop!

I will be joining this event, so here's your chance to meet your favorite bloggers & get fashion tips from them! (Don't forget to say hi to me!)

Here are all the details:
ClosetStyles Facebook: Click Me For Facebook!
ClosetStyles App: Click Me For App!
ClosetStyles Website: Click Me For Website!

Celebs & Blogger Bazaar Event: Click Me For Event!

Hope to see you guys this weekend!

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