Sunday, 6 November 2016

[[FOOD REVIEW]] - Hugos by Modestos

During my second visit to Empire Damansara, it came to my surprise that hidden inside Qliq Hotel was this cuisine that served local, regional, and also international dishes that will possibly tickle all your taste buds. Believe me, even if you're around here often enough, you might have missed out this gem!

The cuisine is called Hugos by Modestos. It has good balance of food, fine dining, music, and also a relaxing ambiance for those who would like to sit, relax, and enjoy.

For starters, this dish is called "ALBONDEGAS" which are meat balls made of lean lamb, slowly cooked in a rich Roma tomato sauce (RM26)

The sauce was slightly salty for my liking. I imagined this on top of a plate of linguine. Dam, it would have been so much nicer! But hey, just for starters :P the main dish hasn't arrived yet!

The second starter was more simple, Chickn Popcorn (RM23), not my favorite though. I still prefer the lamb one, but my parents liked this one more. It was more aromatic and crispy compared to the lamb meat balls.

As for soup, the "TOM YUM KUNG" surprised us with a traditional spicy and sour mixture of herbs, which brought all of our tastes buds flying in the air! The soup was served with herbs and prawns (RM23)

Tom Yum is actually one of my favorite soup dishes, because I love the combination of sour and spicy! It came to my surprise that this soup tasted just as yummy as it looked, but I wish it was slightly more spicy. Next time I'll remember to add more chili inside!

After the appetizers, the next dish came: "FETTUCCINE AL SALMONE" which was smoked salmon, tomatoes, and fresh cream pasta (RM34)

This dish was love as first sight, because i LOVE LOVE LOVE smoked salmon. The fresh cream made the dish so much tastier and creamer. You could even feel the cream sliding off your lips as you go for another bite. In fact, this dish supposed to quite filling, but it was so good that I wanted a second one!

And now, for the Western main dish, is "CARRE D' ANGELLO ALLE ERBE," a delicious grilled rack of lamb with rosemary and garlic (RM75)

The lamb was very nice, well prepared & cooked into perfect texture. Unfortunately, black pepper sauce was served. I'm not sure if they had that special mint sauce, but I didn't bother to ask. Lamb tastes so much better with mint sauce!

As for the local main, a fancy cuisine-style "NASI GORENG" was served, with chicken and shrimp (or minced beef) or even in Kampong style! (RM22)
Honestly, this wasn't my favorite dish. I love Nasi Goreng, but this didn't give me that lovey-dovey feeling. It was very simple, in fact, too simple. (& of course, I still prefer the pasta!)

So, what's next? How about pizza! "NAPOLETANA" is served with tomatoes, mozzarella, capers, and anchovies! (RM32)
This is probably one of my least favorite dishes as well. I sort of got excited when I saw a pizza with anchovies, because honestly, not everyone can pull that off. It didn't taste as good as it looked. I really appreciated the fact this the whomever created this dish, tried to be unique. But it was a bit too salty. Overall, I didn't have a good experience with the pizza (& I repeat, I still prefer the pasta!)

Last but not least, no dinner is complete without dessert!!! This homemade apple pie is known as "CROSTATA DI MIELE" and is served with vanilla ice cream. (RM22)
As you can see, this beautifully thin-crusted apple pie was a good way to end the dinner. But in my preference, I've always prefereed a thick-crusted and chunky apple pie. Hence, this also wasn't one of my favorites. However, the taste was quite nice, not too sweet, and very apple-filling too!

& of course, a virgin mojito :)

Honestly, the food wasn't perfect, but I gotta give credits to the staff for their good service, and their way of handling food. I really appreciated the friendly staff, and the way the food was brought to the table. Service was awesome, but the food could use some improvement.

Here's some photos of the environment,

Outside of the restaurant is the bar, with a mini stage for local singers to perform during the weekends. On top of that, there's a swimming pool outside, which adds to the ambiance because of those water sounds (am I the only one who feels relaxed when listen to water/waves?)

 Overall, the restaurant is worth a try. The atmosphere is very comfortable and relaxing. Do come here if you're looking to chill out with friends.

Here's a peek at the menu. Have a look, something might fancy your taste :)

Come, let's grab a drink & enjoy @ Hugos by Modestos!

Reservation: +60 330033220
Address: Unit A –G-01 & A-G-02, Ground Floor Qliq Hotel Empire Damansara, - Jalan Pju 8/8a, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47820
Opening Hours: Daily, 12:00-23:30

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