Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ramen Kanbe @ Empire Damansara らーめん神戸 - Food Review

For the four years I was in Malaysia, it was my first visit to Empire Damansara where this beauty struck my attention.

It was a small Japanese Restaurant called Ramen Kanbe. Originated from Japan itself, this is the first ever branch to open in Malaysia!


If you guys have tried Ramen, you should know that their soup is vegetable-based & naturally oil free, but also depending on the type of ingredients that each restaurant prefers to use.

For Kanbe, they use vegetable & chicken broth, slowly simmered for 7-hours to extract the savory yet flavorful taste. Umami is extracted from vegetables and chicken bones by boiling for longer hours. The soup is plain, but well-seasoned, which is critical for authentic ramen!

So, hungry yet? Let's start!

Here ya go~

For starters, we had the Wantan Ramen (RM21), served with wantan & slices of roast pork.

The soup was very pleasing, with a light soy taste. For me, I love soy sauce, so this was definitely delightful!!

Moving the spicy! Any spicy lovers? Loaded with minced chicken & pork this Spicy Ramen (RM21) will fire up your taste buds! (I still prefer the wanton one though, since I'm not a fan of spicy) But I was a good sport & ate all my vegetables ^_^

The chef recommended this special fried rice (RM12) that carried the authenticity of Ramen, just in a rice form. I could taste the soy sauce & the sweetness of chicken broth too! I tried to ask the Chef his special ingredient, but no luck :(

& who said Nasi Pattaya only existed in Malaysia? Haha! Nono, this is a Japanese egg rice, known as Tenshi-Han, sits on a bed of thick sauce, also made from the yummy soy-based soup. For Malaysians, I think this would be a fave because who knew such a simple dish could be so delicious?

Cut open the egg, & ta-dah! the rice is hiding warmly inside~~

Well of course, we could never forget the Gyoza when eating at a Japanese Restaurant. Similar like Ramen Soup, each restaurant have their own way of making gyoza. For Kanbe, it was a simple mixture of pork & chives, served with soy sauce.

& finally, ending the day with chicken wings! Just a fine way to end off a Japanese meal! Satisfied!

After that, I peeked into the kitchen & found this!

Kanbe actually allows customers to customize their Ramen! So this one here is a Charsiu Ramen with spicy soup! Yums! I wanted to try too! But it's not mine haha. Maybe next time~~

This place may seem small, but when I was here to experience the fine Japanese taste, I was so much  absorbed into the food, that I forgot I was in Malaysia! (Okay fine, maybe I over-exaggerated, but you get the point, right?)

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G28, Block Empire Retail, Empire Damansara, NO.2 Jalan PJU 8/8A, 
Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya,

Shop Hours: Mon - Sun: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

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